I mainly make my glass beads from glass rods from German glassworks (Lauscha, Reichenbach) and Bohemian ones Glass (Moretti) and glass from Italy (Efetre which is also known as Murano glass). I melt these glass rods on an open flame at around 1200°C and create my little works of art layer by layer. ( More pictures and daily updates on instagram )
Glasperle an Filzschale


For my felt objects I use local natural wool and fine New Zealand merino wool. In many steps my products get their dimensional stability and their velvety smooth surface, which I attach great importance to.


I like to combine the cards in my collections with a suitable envelope and combine a wide variety of materials

This is how small unique pieces are made of cardboard, sand, feathers and glass.


I work part-time in the Bürk confectionery in Güglingen. I made the cakes shown here for the family

or good friends.

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